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NSERC Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network

Scientific Committee

Scientific Director and Chair of the Scientific Committee: Dr. T. Chopin (UNB)

Co-leader of Domain 1: Dr. B. MacDonald (UNB)

Co-leader of Domain 1: Dr. S. Robinson (DFO-SABS)

Co-leader of Domain 2: Dr. S. Cross (UVic)

Co-leader of Domain 2: Dr. C. Pearce (DFO-PBS)

Co-leader of Domain 3: Dr. D. Knowler (SFU)

Co-leader of Domain 3: Mr. A. Noce (DFO-EAS)

Aquaculture industry partner representative: Dr. Keng Pee Ang (Cooke Aquaculture Inc.)

Representative of Fisheries & Oceans, Centre for Integrated Aquaculture Science (CIAS): Dr. F. Page

Representative of Fisheries & Oceans, Aquaculture Management Directorate: Ms. S. Ford

Member at large: Dr. Tim DeJager (CO3 Consulting and Manager of AquaPort)

CIMTAN scientist representative: Dr. M. Flaherty (UVic)

CIMTAN Network Manager: Mr. Adrian Hamer (UNB) (ex officio and non-voting recording secretary)