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Research Projects

Project Title:
Economic and financial modelling of IMTA (D3P1)

Project Description:
IMTA adoption, assuming that it is an environmentally-favourable system of food production for society, depends on the profitability of the system and the necessary economic incentives to promote adoption. This project aims to 1) examine the net economic benefits of IMTA and compare these to conventional aquaculture systems; 2) assess the private financial incentives for IMTA production at the site level; and 3) investigate appropriate financial incentives for the wider promotion of IMTA. This project will use both financial and economic analysis tools, where financial analysis examines the business’s revenues and costs and economic analysis examines the net effects of an activity, including its effects to external parties. Studies to be carried out under this project will examine 1) the impacts of commercial-scale IMTA on the BC shellfish industry; 2) consumer attitudes and willingness-to-pay for IMTA products in the Pacific Northwest; and 3) comparative economic analysis of nutrient dynamics in IMTA and conventional net pen salmon aquaculture. Additionally, other tentative studies are proposed to examine modeling of private incentives for adoption of IMTA among salmon farmers in BC and additional valuation studies.
(The economic and financial modelling team visits the West coast IMTA site. - Credits: Patrick Kitchen )

Project Leader Name:
Duncan Knowler, Simon Fraser University, School of Resource and Environmental Management

Project Leader e-mail Contact:

Team Members’ Names and Affiliations (researchers and students):
Patrick Kitchen (SFU graduate student)
Winnie Yip (SFU graduate student)

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