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NSERC Canadian Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture Network

Research Projects

Project Title:
Design and pilot-scale testing of new infrastructure components, including integration of
energy alternatives to increase operational efficiencies (D2P3)

Project Description:
Aquaculture sites can be remotely located, far from grid electricity. As the intent is to reduce environmental impact of aquaculture operations, the provision of clean power on-site is being investigated to avoid the need for diesel gensets. The work to date has been focused on gathering resource data for the West Coast demonstration site, and performing initial component sizing. On-site bioreactors to process seaweeds to produce biodiesel were investigated, but found to not be feasible at the small scale required. Wind and insolation data were gathered from an existing buoy. Appreciable solar power is available. A higher anemometer tower is being installed to better ascertain the wind resource characteristics at the height of candidate turbine installations. An energy system model has been assembled in HOMER including the hoist power requirements that are the primary load. An audit has also been conducted on the on-site residence and will be included as well in a custom model that is being developed to optimize the system, as it was found existing software was unable to adequately accommodate the intermittent peaky loads of the hoists. The model can then be used to size renewable energy systems for current and future aquaculture sites.
(Solar insolation over the year at the West coast IMTA site in Kyuquot Sound, British Columbia. - Credits: Eric Hoevenaars)

Project Leader Name:
Curran Crawford, University of Victoria, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Project Leader e-mail Contact:

Team Members’ Names and Affiliations (researchers and students):
Stephen Cross (UVic)
Thierry Chopin (UNBSJ)
Eric Hoevenaars (UVic graduate student)

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