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Research Projects

Project Title:     
Extensive versus intensive IMTA systems – hydrographic influences and the implications
to infrastructure design and operational efficiency (D2P2)

Project Description:  
Research and development on IMTA has been conducted in Canada since 2001. During this period IMTA developed independently on each coast, with integrated aquaculture systems being proposed through modifications of existing infrastructure currently employed for the culture of salmon within these regions – on the east coast using the independent circular cage grid configuration, and on the west coast integrated with the consolidated steel cage systems. Documentation of the dispersion and dilution pathways for these components, specifically the near-field hydrographic flow properties, will be determined for each of these IMTA production systems in order to provide the most efficient ecological and structural design. This component of the CIMTAN research program supports a comprehensive evaluation of flow impedance by structures, the effects of waste stream deflection (developed back-eddies, re-direction of flows), the vertical entrainment of particles (potential persistence of nutrients), effects of increased biomass on dissolved oxygen dynamics, alteration of phytoplankton supply through the systems, and structural adaptation of IMTA to capitalize on the effect of flow on dissolved nutrient and particle movements. One MSc student will complete a comparative study documenting the near-field hydrographic properties of intensive and extensive IMTA farms, while a second will focus on the influences of infrastructure on near-field flows and its implications for within-system design/engineering of IMTA components.

Project Leader Name:  
Stephen Cross, University of Victoria, Coastal Aquaculture Research & Training Network

Project Leader E-mail Contact:  

Team Members’ Names and Affiliations (Researchers and Students):
Fred Page (DFO-SABS)
Mike Foreman (DFO-IOS)
Gregor Reid (UNBSJ, DFO-SABS)

(The multi-parameter University of Victoria CARMS buoy positioned upstream of the Kyuquot SEAfoods Ltd. IMTA farm site. - Credits: Stephen Cross)

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