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Research Projects

Project Title:     
Quantifying temporal and spatial patterns of nutrient and organic particle plumes in IMTA
systems – the basis for system design (D2P1)

Project Description:  
Delimitation of the spatial and temporal patterns/dynamics of the nutrient and particulate releases from different IMTA system configurations will provide critical information as to how ‘leaky’ these approaches are, and how the extractive species of these systems should be configured so as to maximize the ability to effectively intercept these waste streams. How these dispersion processes function within the natural fluctuations in nutrients, particulates and the inherent biotic assimilative capacity (e.g. phytoplankton) are also essential to understanding how IMTA systems should be designed and operated. Results for this project will help develop an appropriate balance of species components of the IMTA system, as well as assist with production infrastructure design/engineering for effectively incorporating these species components into a multi-species design. Two MSc. students (one on each coast) are exploring direct and indirect methods for delimiting the spatial extent of these waste plumes, comparing existing profiling techniques with indirect productivity measures of seaweed sentinels (kelps). A third MSc. student will examine the dispersion, benthic accumulation and the potential for nutrient release and/or particulate re-suspension from the settling particulate waste stream. A Ph.D. student is developing new, optical (direct) techniques/protocols for delimiting the dissolved nutrient and particulate plumes emanating from the culture systems.

Project Leader Name:  
Stephen Cross, University of Victoria, Coastal Aquaculture Research & Training Network

Project Leader E-mail Contact:  

Team Members’ Names and Affiliations (Researchers and Students):
Maycira Costa (UVic)
Fred Page (DFO-SABS)
Peter Cranford (DFO-BIO)
Jon Grant (Dalhousie University)
Gregor Reid (UNBSJ, DFO-SABS)
Thierry Chopin (UNBSJ)
Emrys Prussin (UVic graduate student)
Lindsay Brager (Dalhousie University graduate student)
Sadar Jabber (UVic graduate student)

(Lindsay Brager recording data at the Kyuquot SEAfoods Ltd. IMTA farm site. - Credits: Stephen Cross)

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