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Research Projects

Project Title:
Mathematical modelling for open-water IMTA – Developing tools to support system design
and measures of sustainability (D1P8)

Project Description:
Matter and energy flux within open-water IMTA systems and between the environment needs to be qualified and quantified, in order to assess farm design and develop measures of sustainability. Empirical measures of concentrations in open-water systems as a means to assigning causality to a particular process or culture niche, has obvious challenges in such a highly variable, “leaky” environment. Some degree of modelling will therefore be essential to determine efficiencies and track ‘delivery’ of nutrients to co-cultured species. Since most commercial scale aquaculture in Canada occurs in open-water systems, IMTA will also be practiced in this context. IMTA system modelling must therefore be developed beyond the laboratory and small-scale pilot projects if it is to have ‘real world’ application. Consequently, the primary objectives of this project are to reconcile existing ecological and animal/seaweed husbandry efficiency measures; continue the development of both a semi-stochastic nutrient-transfer model, to determine the overall IMTA system efficiency of nutrient and energy recovery, and a mechanistic/deterministic model with time steps for better IMTA system understanding; and, ultimately, determine methods to quantify system functions for open-water IMTA farm management, economics and coastal zone policy development. These objectives will be facilitated though the compilation of relevant data from the other CIMTAN projects.
(Gregor Reid hands an ADV current meter to Shawn Robinson and Andrew Cooper for deployment between mussel socks to collect data on current dynamics and nutrient delivery from salmon cages - Credits: Perry Smith)

Project Leader Name:
Gregor K. Reid, University of New Brunswick, Department of Biology, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada, St. Andrews Biological Station (SABS), Aquaculture and Biological Interactions Section

Project Leader E-mail Contact:

Team Members’ Names and Affiliations (Researchers and Students):
Bruce MacDonald (UNBSJ)
Peter Cranford (DFO-BIO)
Margaret Quinton (UGuelph)
Shawn Robinson (DFO-SABS)
Thierry Chopin (UNBSJ)

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